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How are you connected ?  We are quick to think of our internet but how often do you connect face to face with the people in your life ?  Connecting with neighbours, store owners, friends and family every week is important for our mental health and endorphins in our body.  Learn your shop or favourite…

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How much fun do you have in your day ?  Do you plan a fun activity for your week ?  Exploring nature, a bike ride, painting, singing, dancing or playing a game with friends. These are some examples for us to find joy in little things like when we were a child. A sense of…

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Meaningful Movement

Think back to when you were 9. What was the movement that gave you a sense of FUN and FREEDOM ?  Why not tap into this and start becoming playful around movement.   It may be may martial arts, running or dancing. Try to incorporate a few minutes of joyful movement every day.  Meaningful movement…

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Many people know that meditation and mindfulness are important but find it hard to plan and commit to the practice.   Being mindful in all aspects of life- whether it’s eating a meal, washing up or on a daily walk can help improve health *** Just starting a new routine of mindful practice may bring…

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