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Improve your sleep

Sleep heals our bodies and minds, but it doesn’t always come easily.  Each night our body gets to recharge and replenish through quality sleep.   Even though it’s a foundation of great health, many of us find it hard to form good patterns to get us there. 

A clever way to help begin a great sleep is to get extra warm just before going to a cool bed.  The change in temperature helps you slip into a sleep state.  

As part of your sleep routine, you can do several things that will help relax and prepare your body and mind for sleep.  Here are a some suggestions for you

Dimming the lights and decreasing stimulation from screen time

Enjoying a chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed

Mindfulness can help us fall asleep and stay asleep

Body weight exercises for 3 minutes – Push ups, Planks, Superman’s

A Hot shower / bath to get extra warm before getting into a cool bed straight afterwards

These are simple ways to start a relaxing routine to improve your quality of sleep and wake refreshed to enjoy the morning and set up your day

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